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Bright Star by Edie Brickell and Steve Martin, Rider University


The Arts Conservatory at the Sanctuary recognizes that students have varying levels of natural ability and experience for a myriad of reasons. The faculty commits to meeting each student “where they are” in their training, and help them cultivate, nurture and expand their current abilities. We are committed to providing a safe, supportive learning environment that encourages and celebrates each student’s individuality and authenticity. We also seek to cultivate an environment that celebrates, recruits, retains and nurtures diversity and inclusion as well as breaking down systemic barriers in the entertainment and educational industries. We desire to cultivate a studio that offers training to people of all ages and at every skill level from beginners of any age to professionals that are looking for inspiration and recharging. We believe that people learn transferable, life skills through actor training and it is our mission to use this training to help uplift each individual and our community.

Conservatory Class Information

We will have a full range of classes for all ages. We offer group class and individual instruction both in person and on ZOOM (or any online format that you use). All in-person instruction requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination.


Rebecca Simon and Trent Blanton
Co-Conservatory Founders and Core Faculty

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